“Emma truly helped me in a very intense moment of sadness and panic, She did not tell me, “he will love you on Tuesday”, rather she explained to me what I was doing wrong to myself and to my relationship. She gave me strength and power and I managed to get out of my black hole. What happened afterward was obviously positive. What I love about her is that she is deep and understands the bigger picture; the help she gave me is invaluable. Better than many years of analysis. I have just talked to her again, and I will call her every time I am in doubt about myself. Emma is serious. She is soft spoken yet very clear; She is real.”

Author: MV | Date: June 12

“Just wanted to leave a message for Emma. What a wonderful reading i have just had with her. Its absolutely amazing what she can pick up from just my date of birth. Thank you Emma, i will be back in the future to see whats happening next!”

Author: Sarah | Date: April 12

“Emma is amazing. She uses astrology and tarot and her acute understanding to be honest, helpful and inspirational. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Author: Anon | Date: January 11

“I had a reading with Emma and she did a great astrological reading. She was really amazing and explained the meaning of my astrological chart, which was really helpful. She has a lovely way about her which is both inspiring and comforting at the same time. I would highly recommend having a reading with Emma.”

Author: Heather | Date: January 11

“Many have the ability to sow seeds, but it’s those who spend time searching out fertile soil that produce blooms that enlighten the soul and move the mind. Emma was not the first person I consulted but after a single reading she unequivocally won my respect and sincere gratitude. I was most anxious about select aspects in my life which I could not logically explain and placed me at the crossroads of pivotal decision making. Emma astutely established the extent of my understanding of the subject matter such that her guidance was received in the most nurturing and inspirational frame of mind. She consulted astrology, tarot and I-Ching to provide me with a robust arsenal of information to deal with the perplexing phenomenon. She plotted a firm and systematic path through the barriers my biased mind suffered from, opening me to realisation of the precious value that can be earned by welcoming influences & exploring many fears. Lasting feelings of lightness and hope like no other have been the wonderful result of benefiting from Emma’s tremendous insight.”

Author: Stephanie | Date: April 2010

“Emma is fabulous. I have had a number of readings with her now, even the words she used to describe someone were uncanny! And her readings about my ‘state of mind’ -  incredible, she managed to put absolutely sum up things, but ‘hit the nail on the head’ with feelings I hadn’t shared with anyone! I can’t recommend Emma highly enough.”

Author: Zena | Date: March 2010

“Jan Lee, Nikki S and Emma were very impressive with many meaningful insights and very supportive.”

Author: Tim | Date: January 2010

“I have just had a reading by Emma.  I am in a very dark place at the moment and not coping very well.  She has shown me the light and the hope that is out there.  I have come off the phone to her feeling happier and more hopeful than I have in a long time.  Thanks Emma, and I can’t wait to speak to you again.”

Author: Ange | Date: December 2009

“I recently had a reading on the phone with Emma  and was amazed. She told me lots of information that was very useful and we talked about my birth chart as well.  I would recommend her to my friends.”

Author: Wendy | Date: March 2009

“Emma got to the heart of the issue, She brought a deeply insightful and soulful quality to the reading and consequently I feel clearer about my direction. Many thanks to her for her warmth and professionalism.”

Author: Debbie | Date: October 2008

“I have just had a really good reading with Emma. She did astrology and read the cards and after I had had the reading I felt that in that 20 minutes she had explained to me exactly who I am….She was friendly, articulate and very good at explaining the different aspects etc. So, thank you to Emma and yourself for providing what I would describe as a lovely and helpful reading.”

Author: Janice | Date: January 2008