“I just want to say a huge thank you to Charlotte for such an amazing reading this evening. I felt like I needed a life overhaul and didn’t know where to start. She had positive things to tell me about my career and future and guided me through the next steps. I only had to mention a topic and Charlotte immediately could explain the situation to me. I’m always nervous before a reading but Charlotte is so chatty and easy to talk to. She is a really talented psychic and I only wish Id picked up the phone to speak to her sooner!”

Author: Felicity | Date: February 2014

“I have spoken to her 3 times now and twice she has predicted correctly how the other person involved is feeling and how my feelings and the relationship would turn out in the end.
Having just had a reading with her this evening, she picked up instantly as always what was going on and I feel so much more positive that the outcome of a new relationship will be positive.”

Author: Anna | Date: November 2013

“Well what can I say… apart from the fact I have been wanting to have a reading for months and now I’ve finally done it, I wonder to myself why did I wait so long? I called Charlotte 2239 who actually confirmed exactly how I was feeling and read the person like a book who I care about a lot without me giving much information! I came off the phone a little teary but relieved and very happy! Also feeling hopeful with future career plans! Thank you so much.”

Author: A.P | Date: August 2013

“Charlotte got straight to the crux of my situation with no prompting from me and gave me the clarity and understanding that i needed in order to move forward.”

Author: Kay | Date: February 12

“I have just had a fantastic reading with Charlotte, it was so exact and gave me so much clarity concerning my situation and the way that I should manage it. I told her very little yet she tuned in immediately and told me what the other person in my situation was thinking. She also gave me hope for the future and the confidence to move forward. I will certainly return to Charlotte in the future and have no hesitation in recommending her to others. Thank you so so much.”

Author: Christine | Date: December 11

“Charlotte knew how the other person was feeling which helped me see his point of view. Fabulous, I will be ringing charlotte again”

Author: Amel | Date: March 11

“Wow!! I’ve had a few readings in the past but never like this,Charlotte amazed me,will definitely call again.Thank you Charlotte!”

Author: Josie | Date: February 11

“I have spoken to many of your psychics over the past 6 months and they have all been amazing but i haven’t been prompted to write a review until today. I spoke to Charlotte pin 2239 yesterday and she shocked me. She was so particular on how the other person is feeling, which is what i called about. I was hesitant to speak to her as i never spoken to her before but thought she might give me something new and i was right. She has the wow factor and i do recommend her to everyone. I still dont know how she managed to know my life story as if i told her already. very good.”

Author: Sam | Date: December 10

“Charlotte, Pin 2239 – I’ve had a few readings with Charlotte over the past year until now. She has given me great clarifications and invaluable advice.”

Author: Anne | Date: February 2010

“Hit the nail on the head.”

Author: Jackie | Date: May 2009