“I have tried Julie three times so far and every single time, she tuned in straight away, connected with me. Last time I spoke to her she said I would get a job offer which would happen very quickly within a week or so. It did happen within a week and the offer was made on the spot. This time I called her about a family matter and she described the family member concerned. I found Julie warm, honest, direct and full of details.”

Author: Z | Date: December 2013

“Fate brought me to your psychic reader Julie (2142) who was very soothing and gave me the confirmation I needed to power through a challenging and unstable stage in my life. She was able to detect the stresses of my work and her words have given me confidence that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Julie has great empathy and healing intuition. I will certainly return for another reading soon.”

Author: Jennifer | Date: June 2013

“I have spoke with Julie twice in a few weeks about a relationship matter, she is compassionate and clear in her readings, both reading presented the same information which gives me hope. Julie was able to tell me what the other person was thinking and feeling which has reassured me. Speaking to Julie is like speaking to an old friend, she is non judgmental, patient and understanding. Love my readings with her.”

Author: Louise | Date: April 2013

“Julie 2142 gave me hope in areas where I was doubting my gut feelings and feeling stuck. Pinpointing the exact atmosphere that is around me at this time was incredible”

Author: Margaret | Date: March 2013

“I recently had a reading with a lovely lady from your site called julie, pin 2142. I found this reading to be very uplifting and liberating.”

Author: Karla | Date: April 12

“Had a reading with Julie on 25th March.  She sensed exactly what I was thinking/feeling without having to divulge any relevant information on the subject matter, all I gave were the names and dates of birth. Her warm and friendly manner put me at ease and by the end of the reading any angst I felt had disappeared, and I was much clearer that the path I had chosen was the right one.”

Author: Karen | Date: March 12

“I have not had a reading with Julie before until last night and she blew me away! The main reason being that she has a very unique style but very, very effective! She got to the heart of the issue straight away but more importantly she taught me a strategy to help me break this pattern. Great reader who show real empathy and understanding.”

Author: MS | Date: March 12

“Julie is possibly one of the best readers I connect with, she’s amazing and it’s like talking to a friend. I spoke to her last week, and she predicted someone would contact me by the weekend and she even said ‘He’s thinking about someone, who has short bobbed brown hair, cut short at the back and it’s about chin length with a fringe?’ and that is me! I was amazed by that, being a phone reading as I could have had any number of styles of haircut and I also loved that she did remember our first reading and what we said. She’s the only reader I’ve had a repeat reading with and after her first prediction coming true, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind for the next one. I will without a shadow of a doubt be calling this amazing lady in the future. She is an absolute gem.”

Author: Kirsty | Date: February 12

“I have spoken to Julie a number of times over the last 3 or 4 weeks.  OMG, she has been a great, some things she said were exactly what had been said to me, word for word.  She is compassionate and witty and it does feel like talking to an old friend.  She has been a shining light in my darkest hours. Thank you Michele for a wonderful site.  I love all the free readings and the articles have given me much food for thought.”

Author: Nick | Date: January 12

“I’ve spoken with her a number of times recently re a difficult relationship situation.  She told me certain things would happen, they have and I’m delighted.  I also wanted to thank her because she helped me with her honest, kind and no nonsense approach.  I needed someone to help me through an awful time, and she did, not only that, she was right too!”

Author: S.A | Date: January 12

“I have to admit that she is the best reader I have had a reading with from your website. My second reading was yesterday and something she said that would happen today, did happen. Thanks Julie.”

Author: Galatia | Date: December 11

“When I have been in dark places concerning an ongoing traumatic relationship matter, she gives me light! Her guide is amazing ! She’s funny, emphathetic and tells me to be quiet when my head tells me negative things! when I feel really low she brightens my day. She tells me what she sees and in the last 6 months, she hasn’t been wrong.”

Author: Becky | Date: December 11

“I just had a reading with Julie, she picked up on exactly what was going on around me almost immediately, she was very easy to talk to and I felt like I’d known her for ages. I would definitely recommend her and will certainly be calling her again.”

Author: Angie | Date: November 11

“Julie is a warm hearted angel and delivers her messages clearly. She not only spoke about my problems, but she gave me ways of solving ALL of them and even recommended positive things to keep me happy and feel protected. She is one of the best readers I have had. Her aura is golden and her personality and gifts are both empowering and detailed.”

Author: Zoe | Date: September 11

“I had a reading with Julie and would like to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for the guidance given. Julie gave me information on a huge life changing negative, painful situation I have been trying to deal with. Julie clearly identified and clarified my situation precisely. Julie knew information regarding my situation that was very private and could only of been known by someone truly gifted in spiritual guidance to be able to tell me what had actually happened, right down to specific detail. Remarkable.”

Author: Lorraine | Date: June 11

“I would like to say how perfect Julie is in every way. I got made redundant when I returned from maternity leave – My main concern was my job – well she told me I would get a job in one months time and it would be across a month – true to her word i am starting a job 31st May. She also said that it had something to do with America – Im actually starting work for this company and I am going to be in charge of the American customers! totally everything she has said came true in everyway! She said it wouldnt be too far from home – exactly right in my home town!
She also told me Thursday would be my best day for interview to get the job well I got the call on the Thursday asking me to interview and had the job by the Monday – Amazing lady – will definately be back to speak with her again and she is a relaxed lovely lady to talk to!”

Author: Sharon | Date: May 11

“in the past we have shared clients but have never had the chance to speak until now. It is very rare i feel the need to seek advice but i have been undergoing major changes from mental mediumship to physical and although i know what is happening and why i couldnt get my head around it all.Julie confirmed very quickly without prompting what had been happening over the past year to my body ,including the health issues i have undergone , done to the fact that it has affected those close to me. Her reading has helped me turn a corner and provided me with the strengh to accept and flow with it rather than against it. Her help has been invaluable to me and i wish her to know how grateful i am to her.”

Author: | Date: December 10

“Julie delivers the goods with such warmth, humour and empathy. My 3rd reading -over 2 years – I am following my instinct against the odds, and she gave me support and said I would need to dig deep for the courage I needed, but said many things that showed I was on the right path. What a lovely person!”

Author: Lisa | Date: August 10

“Had a reading with Julie – I must say she was very perceptive and picked up my life situation very well and came across as a very warm person. Thank you Julie! Your reading was very comforting and will be helpful in carrying me through this difficult period of life with the knowledge that your predictions will come true in the time period you mentioned…God bless.”

Author: Gopi | Date: July 10

“Had two very good readings with Julie, she is very informative and her readings are wow. She comes across as a very warm friendly person who you feel you could talk to for hours. But have to add her information is provided totally unprompted – she tells you, for me that is a sign of a good reader one who doesn’t ask questions and tells you info. Thank you Julie.”

Author: J | Date: July 10

“I want to give credit to Julie and Jan Lee for the wonderful readings I have had with them over the past few months. They have all given me courage and strength to see things through. Thank you so much.”

Author: Deborah | Date: June 10

“Just had a reading with Julie and she was gorgeous to talk with, so lovely and encouraging.  She has a beautiful voice, calming, kind and sincere.  She described certain situations to me and gave me some indication of what was to come which made me feel reassured and able to believe in my own intuition more.  Thank you Julie, you are fab.”

Author: Katherine | Date: June 2010

“I had a reading with Julie 2142 this evening and I’m ASTONISHED!! This lady is the real deal.  I’ve never stumbled across anyone like this!! She named my passed sister’s perfume she wore… the whole reading let me gobsmacked and very emotional on how uncanny one reader could be. Thanks Julie you really are one of a kind. I can’t recommend her enough, you have got a special gift.”

Author: Andrea | Date: May 2010

“Julie is such a lovely lady, her readings are fantastic, I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago about a situation I was in and she predicted the outcome correctly down to the last detail.”

Author: O | Date: March 2010

“I’ve had many readings with Julie and Lynn and they are amazing – always make me feel special. When I ring them, it’s like talking to my best friends.  They are simply the best.”

Author: Sharon | Date: March 2010

“I have had several readings with Julie.  In November 09, Julie told me that I would get my job situation sorted by the end of November and be celebrating in December 09.  November 30th – got my first interview, the second in December and got offerred the job.  Julie has always been straight to the point.  I highly recommend Juie who is a lovely and charming lady.”

Author: Natalie | Date: December 2009

“I had a reading with JULIE ID 2142 and I was in a right state I can tell you. I actually managed to sleep that night and her reading was worth every penny! I had been waiting to hear from someone and I was really upset that they had ignored me, Julie advised me with her Angel reading and by hooking into my spiritual guides that I would hear from the person with 4 days…sure enough I did (smile). Julie was warm and friendly and very quickly linked in to the issues i was concerned about.  I have spoken to other supposedly psychics before but some of them have been way off the mark, but Julie wasn’t. Thank you so much Julie for all your help.”

Author: Alina | Date: September 2009

“I have just had a reading with Julie (pin 2142) this afternoon (23/05/09) and want to say a big thank you very much I can’t praise or recommend her highly enough and I have no doubts that I will phone again and have another reading with her. Julie, you are a credit to your gift, a lovely lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me hope where I thought there was none. Love and light.”

Author: Wendy | Date: May 2009

“Thank you so much Julie for my wonderful positive beautiful reading, it was a very holistic reading that really helped me. It helped remind me of my reasons for being here on planet earth ha and gave me the boost I needed to continue going forward, thanks again, you are wonderful, you have a great talent and glad I found you x”

Author: Natalie | Date: March 2009

“Julie hit the nail on the head straight away and continued to shock me. On top of that she was warm and friendly and I instantly felt at ease. I loved my reading and will definitely use her again.”

Author: Anon | Date: October 2008

“She is not only a good reader but she had that little bit of X factor that made it even more special.  Wonderful.”

Author: Anon | Date: October 2008