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Reader: Gemma ID 2188

"I rang her as I was facing a very big and intense situation the following day. Even though I was very stressed, she connected in an intimate and profound way, held a space for me and this complex intense situation with her healing energy and beautiful wise words. She also offered long term predictions that were consistent with the last time I rang her a year ago. I just feel very grateful that I got to talk to Gemma before facing into my daunting situation. It was a special reading for me that I will never forget."

Author: Rachel | Date: December 2014


Reader: Sara ID 2218

"Just wanted to give feedback on how excellent I have found Sara as a reader. She gives incredible specific details on my life and my work and the personalities and intentions of people around me. Sara was able to shed light and answer my questions clearly on a very confusing situation in my life.  Her comments and insights have since turned out to be 100% true . Her prediction of a new amazing job has now also come to pass."

Author: SM | Date: December 2014


Reader: Carol ID 2160

"I have been using Michele Knight Psychic site for a good few years now. I have just had a reading with the wonderful Carol (2160) and I am truly inspired. She picked up on my personality and caring nature to a tee. A little boy came up in the reading and I was considering fostering. She also able to see how far I had come and that I had truly healed and was ready for love again. Its like talking to your own personal angel talking to Carol. Thank you and I cant wait for the man I finally deserve to appear in the New Year! Still smiling whilst writing this."

Author: Dee | Date: December 2014


Reader: Aleksandra ID 2258

"Alessandra  2258 - gave me the the best reading I have had. She echoed all my thoughts and doubts and my ideas by being able to Connect with these she helped me to formate steps that I could take for a better future. I wish that we could have had gone on talking from hours. I never wanted to stop listening to her and with each phrase came a closer step to understanding  myself. thank you Alessandra."

Author: Margie | Date: December 2014


Reader: Stephanie ID 2175

"I had such a good reading within the first 10 minutes I was already going [online] booking more time! I asked for a general reading and I was not disappointed at all. Stephanie picked up on the real reason for my call and was excellent at her ability to connect to my situation. I left the reading feeling empowered, inspired and uplifted. A great reading coming from another Michele knight psychic!"

Author: Anne-Marie | Date: December 2014


Reader: Tina ID 2171

"I spoke to Tina who was very warm and friendly. She spoke about the need for change and suggested ways in which this might happen. She also reassured me on a few other matters."

Author: Katharine | Date: December 2014


Reader: Carol ID 2160

"She was amazing!  I had a reading with her about a month ago and she told me I would meet a guy who was 5'10", within 5 yrs older than me and either a Virgo or a Libra.  In the reading she also mentioned some sort of tie to London (I live in NYC) but that was all the info she could get. Well, I just met a guy who is 3 yrs older then me, 5'9" and his bday is Sept 20th!  Even crazier, he got his law degree in London even though he is American. What?! I cant believe it! She is incredible!"

Author: Jeanene | Date: November 2014


Reader: Jan-Lee ID 2103

"I spoke to Jan Lee and she really was amazing. She tuned straight into the root of the problem, the situation, feelings of those involved and the outcomes.  She provided me with peace of mind and hope at a very difficult time and I am very grateful."

Author: Geraldine | Date: November


Reader: Gemma ID 2188

"Just had another great reading with Gemma. She is very unique in her ability to calm, heal and give excellent guidance. Not only did she peer 'deep into my soul', read my thoughts and fears but she explained reasons why I was feeling this way which  made real sense to me. I'm going through a period of dramatic change which is good on one hand and pretty frustrating on the other. Gemma guided me through that with such ease. I'm pretty self aware and spiritual but Gemma is out of this world - spiritual but not airy fairy but very grounded and can relate to those on a spiritual path. The only word I can describe her is awesome. I've spoken to Gemma for years now and she just gets better and better. If you want enlightenment as well as guidance - you need to speak to Gemma."

Author: Jo | Date: November 2014


Reader: Gemma ID 2188

"I had a reading with her less than a week ago and she mentioned that I would be connected with a particular situation which I couldn't relate to or connect to. After a few minutes of reading, I requested to end the call thinking maybe we could not connect well. This morning to my surprise, the situation described by her presented itself. I was flummoxed and called her again to apologise for being abrupt the first time and have a detailed reading. I really appreciated her being so detailed and graceful enough to guide me in my path."

Author: anon | Date: November 2014

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