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Reader: Hazel ID 2161

"Just had a reading with Hazel, so overwhelming, I feel incredibly happy and relieved.  It was so useful, gave me peace of mind and was very informative."

Author: Soteria | Date: April 2015


Reader: Strawberry ID 2177

"I want to leave some feedback on Strawberry - 2177.  This lady is truly amazing, she has helped me through an intense emotional situation over the last 9 months, even when I doubted that I would finally achieve my goal, she believed that I would get through it and at last I'm almost there. I cannot praise her enough, not only for her insightful interpretation of the cards but her tuning into the energies of the situation."

Author: M | Date: March 2015


Reader: Sharie ID 2200

"I had a fantastic reading with Sharie, id: 2200, she has really uplifted me regarding my career and relationships, and it was wonderfully inspiring to hear that I am on the right track! What a wonderful experience."

Author: Michelle | Date: March 2015


Reader: Carol ID 2160

"Just wanted to leave feedback for Carol after my reading.  She was fast on picking up on my current situation. Within a 10 min reading she picked up I had children and that they were a boy and a girl, and knew I had a twin! Thought that was unbelievable! Carol is a lovely woman with a true gift and will certainly be having another reading with her."

Author: Joanne | Date: March 2015


Reader: Louise ID 2274

"I am so impressed with Louise. Connected in super fast with me, no hesitation or questions.  What I loved is that she was so detailed and specific. Described the person I would meet perfectly from eye shape to the height.  She was within an inch of his actual height, which I admit I originally took with a pinch of salt as it was so tall. Time frame and scenario also. Fantastic validations from the night we met, it was as if she had filmed the whole event."

Author: Delia | Date: March 2015


Reader: Jan-Lee ID 2103

"I have just had my 3rd reading with the lovely Jan-Lee, 2103 and over the last two years she has been a tremendous support and has helped me keep my faith in what I've been trying to achieve especially when the obstacles arise. She has helped me with perspectives and understandings of what my challenges are and with the outcomes that would arrive and always left me feeling confident that everything would turn out all right and be a positive experience in hindsight and that's why I'm sharing this today, in order to say a big thank you to Michele Knight, for creating this service and to Jan-Lee, you are dear to my heart and I can't thank you enough for being there in my times of need."

Author: Alan | Date: March 2015


Reader: Louise ID 2274

"In my reading with Louise she got straight to the heart of the matter with a difficulty I was having with a friendship. She described their character and situation with great detail, leaving me with no doubt that she had got the right person. She was gentle and reassuring in helping me to understand how to move forward for myself.  I felt happy, reassured, and refreshed after speaking with her.  She is a kind and talented reader."

Author: Rachel | Date: March 2015


Reader: Strawberry ID 2177

"I have had a reading with Strawberry today. She helped me to understand where my father is what he is doing now, she perfectly described my relationship with my father the way it is. Unfortunately, my wonderful dad died last October. Strawberry also gave me effective help with my studies, and future career opportunities. Everything she said is true hence my trust and confidence is there in her."

Author: Monika | Date: March 2015


Reader: Sara ID 2218

"She is warm, sincere and gives really helpful in depth insights into people and the issues surrounding you. In a previous reading with her she predicted when I would be under scrutiny at work. I've just had another reading with her and she has predicted more things so I'm waiting for those to materialise too. She has a fantastic energy, a great asset to the team."

Author: Sam | Date: March 2015


Reader: Barbara ID 2126

"She recently, told me I would receive an offer on my property in January and she was right. Barbara links in straight away without any questions being asked. She does not tell you want you want to hear but what her reading tells her to tell you, she always gives information with diplomacy and tact I have ticked off many predictions from Barbara."

Author: Helen | Date: February 2015

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