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Reader: Louise ID 2274

"In my reading with Louise she got straight to the heart of the matter with a difficulty I was having with a friendship. She described their character and situation with great detail, leaving me with no doubt that she had got the right person. She was gentle and reassuring in helping me to understand how to move forward for myself.  I felt happy, reassured, and refreshed after speaking with her.  She is a kind and talented reader."

Author: Rachel | Date: March 2015


Reader: Strawberry ID 2177

"I have had a reading with Strawberry today. She helped me to understand where my father is what he is doing now, she perfectly described my relationship with my father the way it is. Unfortunately, my wonderful dad died last October. Strawberry also gave me effective help with my studies, and future career opportunities. Everything she said is true hence my trust and confidence is there in her."

Author: Monika | Date: March 2015


Reader: Sara ID 2218

"She is warm, sincere and gives really helpful in depth insights into people and the issues surrounding you. In a previous reading with her she predicted when I would be under scrutiny at work. I've just had another reading with her and she has predicted more things so I'm waiting for those to materialise too. She has a fantastic energy, a great asset to the team."

Author: Sam | Date: March 2015


Reader: Barbara ID 2126

"She recently, told me I would receive an offer on my property in January and she was right. Barbara links in straight away without any questions being asked. She does not tell you want you want to hear but what her reading tells her to tell you, she always gives information with diplomacy and tact I have ticked off many predictions from Barbara."

Author: Helen | Date: February 2015


Reader: Strawberry ID 2177

"I have had two readings with her today. I was very confused and going through an emotional turmoil through losing my dear Mother on 29 December 2014. Strawberry helped me to break everything down into smaller parts and then to deal with matters in separate ways. Strawberry described the characteristics of Mother as if she knew her so well. She talked about my new business venture as if I had already purchased the shop, and described the shop layout to me in great detail. She also spoke of my Father like she knew him describing his temperament and character so precisely. Spoke of family matters as if she was there with me experiencing with me firsthand which I found really healing. I will definitely be speaking to Strawberry again very soon. I don't know how I would have got through today if I hadn't spoken to Strawberry."

Author: Jenna | Date: February 2015


Reader: Belinda ID 2191

"When I spoke to Belinda for the first time I was broken and in an incredibly toxic and destructive relationship. She told me that I would be ok and that I would find the courage to leave in time. I did not believe her. I spoke to her again and she remembered me. She built me up and empowered me. Almost a year down the road, she was right. I did find the courage to leave, I kept hearing her voice telling me that I will leave and that I am strong. My Life now has changed, I cannot explain the sense of freedom and euphoria I feel everyday. When I spoke to Belinda today she told me that my life will change in ways that I never thought possible. I absolutely believe her. There is no accounting for my peace of mind and I never thought that would ever be possible. I am beyond thankful. You should see my children now, they smile a lot, we are free."

Author: Patricia | Date: January 2015


Reader: Gemma ID 2188

Her powers of intuition and visions were amazing and I was so amazed that I had to leave feedback! Gemma knew so much about the people in my life, their names (even my ex husband's name which isn't a run of the mill name) and our old relationship dynamic. She also knew my profession and the problems with the people I work with which is really unusual. All this without my telling her. I also spoke of a painful past relationship the essence of which she grasped and a relationship for the future which sounded very like a friendship I already hold developing into something. Gemma was brilliant at seeing my blocks and encouraged me to persevere with my growth.
I look forward to my life unfolding with more confidence."

Author: Lisa | Date: January 2015


Reader: Sadie ID 2227

"Was overjoyed when I got through to her, have had 1 reading a year ago. Let's just say today's reading was needed very badly so made sense I got through today. As always the legend that is Sadie didn't fail to deliver. It was like she was in my head, telling me what I know to be the truth. My mouth was open at some points as she revealed fact after fact. Telling me at one point when I was at work it was like I was 'caught on camera' I work in a CCTV control room?! Told me how I was feeling in my current relationship, it was like talking to my best friend it was like she knew me and the situation inside out. Love this woman. I now have total faith I will be okay."

Author: Becky | Date: January 2015


Reader: Maria ID 2213

"I had the most empowering reading with Maria. I really want to thank her, as I have felt an amazing shift in my life. She really is an incarnated angel!"

Author: Holly | Date: January 1015


Reader: Gemma ID 2188

"I rang her as I was facing a very big and intense situation the following day. Even though I was very stressed, she connected in an intimate and profound way, held a space for me and this complex intense situation with her healing energy and beautiful wise words. She also offered long term predictions that were consistent with the last time I rang her a year ago. I just feel very grateful that I got to talk to Gemma before facing into my daunting situation. It was a special reading for me that I will never forget."

Author: Rachel | Date: December 2014

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