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Reader: Lydia ID 2197

"I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all that you've done re facilitating my connection with Lydia. She has been absolutely amazing and I shall definitely be recommending her highly to all and sundry. She has given me a lot to think about and take action on. Also confidence and direction regarding some of the choices I've needed to make at this juncture in my path. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful."

Author: Jenni | Date: July 2014


Reader: Lee ID 2189

"His soothing voice and gentle manner is sure to put anyone immediately at ease. Without any prompting he got straight to the reason why I had phoned, it was delivered clearly and in great detail, I was utterly blown away. Lee is a truly gifted psychic and a really nice person to speak to. I shall most definitely phone him again."

Author: Carol | Date: June 2014


Reader: Steve ID 2243

"I have spoken with Steve three or four times now, he amazes me with the information that he gives. Detailed and informative. Steve is an amazing, gifted and talented reader."

Author: Julie | Date: June 2014


Reader: Sharie ID 2200

"I have had a lot happening at the moment in my life. Sharie remains constant in the readings that she gives me, even contacting my dad who is in spirit. As we were talking a robin flew down in front of me (my own connection to my dad), then I knew... Sharie is a truly gifted reader. I love speaking with her she is like speaking to a friend."

Author: Julie | Date: June 2014


Reader: greg ID 2199

"I have spoken with Gregg a few times now. He is a lovely upbeat person with an amazing sense of humour. He is informative and a truly gifted reader"

Author: Julie | Date: June 2014


Reader: Genevieve ID 2131

"Genevieve honed into my relationship issue and showed the part i played in it. I was so focused on my ex-partner's flaws and short-comings but she gently opened my mind and showed me the triggers from my behaviour that help set things off.  She is not a surface reader but one that is deeply analytical and detailed in what she sees. Genevieve also used a pendulum during my reading.  A lot of the information i received wasn't what I WANTED to hear - it was what i NEEDED to hear to aid me in moving on. Being stuck is a pain!  I have actually started to set things in motion as i had been on pause for too long now. Her suggestions and books have been an awesome help and comfort. She hasn't cured me but she has help to set me free from my own personal prison! Genevieve certainly has a gift and i will be calling on her to see what happens next."

Author: Jennifer | Date: June 2014


Reader: Sandra ID 2198

"I have been a Michelle Knight Customer for three years now, and have enjoyed readings from different psychics. Two weeks ago I thought I would have a reading with Sandra (2198). If I'm honest I was slightly cynical about Sandra's optimism about my acting career. I was actually thinking of giving it all up, but she assured me I would book a job/casting in one week! I'm my mind I though "that would be great but I don't think so." Well, the next day I got a call from my agent to go for a casting and I had got the job three days later! I was so shocked, I had to call Sandra back and tell her the amazing news. Sandra receives all her messages from her amazing spirit guides, whilst doing the tarot as well. Sandra has become my spiritual mentor and I look forward to updating her with all my career news soon."

Author: N | Date: April 2014


Reader: Steve ID 2243

"Had a short reading with Steve last week and wished I'd booked a longer one! He confirmed with me the tough decision I had made the previous day was the right one."

Author: Cat | Date: April 2014


Reader: Elona ID 2166

"I've spoken to Elona many times now and putting it mildly she is THE best telephone psychic in the business. If she is able to give the level of info she gives over a phone line then her skill is awe inspiring! In addition to the tremendous talent Elona has a great personality, funny and generally great to talk to. Although I am sure when people read this its going to be near impossible to get through now I am certainly going to keep in touch. Worth every penny and that's a given!"

Author: Steve | Date: April 2014


Reader: Lee ID 2189

"I have only had a couple of readings with Lee, but on the first reading he totally reassured me that communication between me and the man I loved would happen and strengthen, which they did.  The second reading I was in a very dark place and his kindness, gentle nature and reassurance strengthened me and gave me clarity and took away my fears and pain.  Not only a talented reader but one of the most gentle souls I have ever spoken with, his warmth and love for people is remarkable."

Author: Carol | Date: April 2014

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