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Reader: Trinity ID 2125

"I had a really brilliant reading with Trinity. She was able to understand my situation and person I was inquiring about straight away, and put my mind at rest. She was able to make sense of the situation and allow me to see it from an empowered place. It gave me the tools and confidence to move forward, seeing the gifts in the last few months. Thank you Trinity!"

Author: R | Date: September 2014


Reader: Gemma ID 2188

"We all agree to soul contracts with others prior to our lifetimes on this planet. Gemma was one of those whom I was meant to make contact with. Without sounding trite the connection with Gemma was interesting and familiar to say the least. Information regarding how to kick start my life and move in the direction of my north node uranus in Leo in 9th house (working with astrology in an intuitive and "out there" kind of way) was extremely helpful. Further information of people that I would likely meet was interesting  with a certain person being named that I am aware of. In addition Gemma spoke of a certain area that I would visit albeit temporarily (thankfully!) which has played a significant role in my life in recent years. Gemma is a gifted woman, a reader of integrity and grace who is most definitely using her gift as she should. She is a blessing and you will not be disappointed."

Author: David | Date: August 2014


Reader: Will ID 2195

"Amazing! I absolutely love having readings with him. I find he is completely on my wavelength and the details he gives out is quite outstanding as are many of his timings.  A significant amount of his predictions come true and he has such a fun manner about it it is always an awesome reading."

Author: Helene | Date: August 2014


Reader: Delia ID 2194

"Delia what a lovely lady and so full of energy. Gave a reading that really clarified what was troubling me and was able to delve into it on a deeper level too. Felt quite uplifted afterwards."

Author: Helene | Date: August 2014


Reader: michele_d ID 2187

"Would just like to say thank you so much to Michele D for her wonderful, empowering reading.  She seemed to read me like a book and has given me so much hope that I have finally turned a major corner in my life. Her lovely energy is infectious!"

Author: R | Date: August 2014


Reader: Belinda ID 2191

"I had a telephone reading with her and I found her to be extremely intuitive and helpful."

Author: Melanie | Date: August 2014


Reader: Lydia ID 2197

"I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all that you've done re facilitating my connection with Lydia. She has been absolutely amazing and I shall definitely be recommending her highly to all and sundry. She has given me a lot to think about and take action on. Also confidence and direction regarding some of the choices I've needed to make at this juncture in my path. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful."

Author: Jenni | Date: July 2014


Reader: Lee ID 2189

"His soothing voice and gentle manner is sure to put anyone immediately at ease. Without any prompting he got straight to the reason why I had phoned, it was delivered clearly and in great detail, I was utterly blown away. Lee is a truly gifted psychic and a really nice person to speak to. I shall most definitely phone him again."

Author: Carol | Date: June 2014


Reader: Steve ID 2243

"I have spoken with Steve three or four times now, he amazes me with the information that he gives. Detailed and informative. Steve is an amazing, gifted and talented reader."

Author: Julie | Date: June 2014


Reader: Sharie ID 2200

"I have had a lot happening at the moment in my life. Sharie remains constant in the readings that she gives me, even contacting my dad who is in spirit. As we were talking a robin flew down in front of me (my own connection to my dad), then I knew... Sharie is a truly gifted reader. I love speaking with her she is like speaking to a friend."

Author: Julie | Date: June 2014

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