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Hi, my name is Reecie

I’ve been widowed for almost 8 years, and after some struggle have landed back on my feet. Still little problems, but that’s normal. I do not have another partner, so I rely solely on my income.

Here’s the issue, I was employed at my now former place of work for 7 years, loved my job rather well. March 5th of this year I was called into a meeting with my former boss and his wife, and got blindsided. I was let go for the following three reasons:

1. A friend of the bosses wife does not like me and doesn’t come to the restaurant because of that.

2. I now have the freedom to go out west were my son is. I have not at any time declared that I wanted to go with my son.

3. They will pay for counselling, because they think because I don’t have a partner I’m still in deep mourning. I am not. I’ve came to terms with that years ago.

So I’m confused, heartbroken and without a job. I’d love to have a reading to help with this.


Hi Reecie

First let me offer virtual hugs and hot chocolate.  I can tell you had a lot of love for this job and that it is extremely stressful time for you.

However, no situation comes to you that you cannot handle. Although this has been thrust upon I do also think it will be the best thing for you in the long term, with significant improvements coming in the early summer should you be open to it.

Wife and Boss

I think the reasons for letting you go were to make them feel better about the process rather than ones based on fact or your work performance.  It seems to me that there is perhaps another reason that was hidden from you and they have glossed it over with the points you mentioned.  I think it was their intention to put doubt in your mind about your abilities/life so that you would not push for the truth.

The Job and holding you back

That said I do feel that the time is right for you to be free of this job.  When I look at your energy around this job it almost looks as though you were crystallised in place and time.  I am not sure it really allowed for much in the way new energy, whether friendship, romantic, creative or otherwise, to enter.

I see you having almost a blind loyalty to the place of work, and you may remember over the coming 4 months just how badly you were treated or taken advantage of. I see interactions between colleagues that maybe crossed the boundaries of professional whether that means intrusion into personal life matters or more.   I also feel that when the fog clears you will see the signs that this was going to happen.

I feel the job acted as a rock/ stabilising force for you, but it actually was dragging you down and have bigger impact on other parts of your life.

Tips on dealing with this:

Acknowledge your pain, but take responsibility for your ‘re’actions

It is OK to feel what you are feeling and it is important not to deny your feelings but embrace them for a while.  I find letter writing is very useful for this kind of situation as it allows you vent without the worry or concern of other people’s views.

That being said, you have to be responsible and aware of your reactions to your feelings.  If you feel compelled to eat six bagels with cream cheese and maple syrup in one sitting then be responsible for the belly ache that comes forth afterwards!  I jest!!  Sometimes we react to our emotion is sabotaging harmful ways like shutting ourselves in and preventing new opportunities from coming in.  So feel the emotion, cry if you have to but be responsible for the reaction to it!  Instead, try to find things that feel you with joy, stability and positive feelings, and if that is six bagels then go for it!

Don’t focus on the why

Becoming overly focused on the why can keep you in limbo. With your mind looking in the rear view mirror you will find it difficult to move forward and create something in the present for your future.  In this particular case you can spend a lot of energy on trying to understand why they would do such a thing, while ignoring the opportunity and freedom that has been given to you.

Try to ask yourself how instead.  How to find a job that is both balanced and fun, or how start fresh after so many years.

On to the subject of your previous relationship:

My feeling is it is not necessarily the case that you are in deep mourning of your ex relationship/partner.  But I could sense that might be a twinge of pain around it being mentioned.  It would be beneficial for you to look at what about this statement pushed your buttons so that it can assist your growth in this new phase.  It may that you do not like people reactions/the stigma of being single, yet are happy being single. Or perhaps being single does bother you but you feel you have to put on a brave face when actually you want a cuddle. Whatever it is, I recommend you bravely look at the button pushed so that you can heal it.


If they are paying for it why not take it!!  Counselling is not necessarily just for people who are working through depression.  It could indeed by useful in the creation of your new life and remove blocks that have lay dormant for many years.

Imagine a life you deserve and work towards it

Not often do we get offered a clean slate, whether forced or taken.  I would encourage you to consider how you would like to live your life and take small steps towards it.  Be open to the new opportunities and experiences that come your way as well keeping the main goal in mind.  Be brave and embrace the new and unknown!!

I know that as long as you do not dwell on the past and shut yourself away from the world that you will have a fantastic turn around come early summer (late May early June) and even more positive stuff in the 8 months that follows.

With love!
Delia :)



My name is Esther and I’m coming into my last semester of university. I find myself constantly stressed, depressed and anxious about completing it because of several reasons, home life and lack of confidence.

I just worry about the future constantly haven’t been sleeping at normal times and I comfort eat all the time.

Feel quite lonely and unloved most days. Will my life start to brighten up soon?

I would love to know! Please respond it would mean so much to me.

Thank you


Hi Esther,

Thank you for your question. First of all can I just answer your initial question, the answer is yes!! Things are definitely going to improve for you.
When tuning into you, I am getting a feeling of you being torn, this is stemming from things you feel you should be doing rather than what your soul is guiding you to do, and this is causing a lot of confusion. Too many times in life we go along with what we have been taught and what is expected of us and often this differs from what our higher self wants for us. I feel that you are questioning these old belief systems and are giving yourself a hard time in doing so, don’t beat yourself up honey, you are just growing in to the wonderful person you were born to be. I feel that there are issues linked to the past, and possibly from a very young age where you felt that in order to receive love you had to be perfect and be the person everyone expected you to be and this made you set very high standards for yourself. Which in turn resulted in you having a big fear of failure and feelings of not being good enough, which has manifested in finding comfort in food, but then feeling bad because you do this, so it’s just a vicious cycle.

You need to learn to love yourself, look at all of the amazing qualities you have, you are not perfect, none of us are but your imperfections make you who you are and that is a beautiful soul, who’s only problem is giving too much to others and not enough to yourself. You are enough Esther; I wish you could see how amazingly enough you are. I don’t know if June is when you graduate, but I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about regarding grades etc, as I see a wonderful victory coming in here and better than what you have thought, so please stop worrying about that area of your life. You will accomplish what you set out to do. I also feel that when you start to address the emotional area of your life that I mentioned earlier, then things will all start to flow better and you will feel a sense of peace and accomplishment, passing these exams will give you a huge boost, so please give YOURSELF the credit you deserve! I see a whole new life and energy emerging and by October this year, I see you much more settled, content and feeling not only self love, but loved by those around you, so you are coming in to much happier times, and they are not that far away. Stop striving for perfection, you already have that, stand proud girl, and take stock of how wonderful you are, there is nothing to worry about, you just need to nurture yourself a little. Treat yourself to a lavender infused bath before bed and allow yourself to just switch off, I’m giving you permission ;) and you will find your sleep will get better. Make the change from fear to love today, and you will find things will get easier instantly. This year is your year for dreams, dare to dream them.

Best wishes


Depression amongst university students is a major issue and it’s important to seek extra help from a GP. ‘Stressed, depressed and anxious’ is not good for anyone. It is a major life transition and can mean stepping into the ‘unknown’ without a lot of confidence. As well encouraging you to seek medical assistance, you can also speak to a student counsellor if your university has one. You do need that external support I’m afraid but this IS a common problem.


Hi, my names Jessica.

I’m just wondering if you could help, I have a boyfriend who I have been with for 3 and a half years. We do not live together but do have a son.
We argue constantly and he makes me very sad by calling me ugly which puts me down so I split up with him but, I cannot manage without him. I get so sad and upset and always take him back, I’m scared to be without him sad as it may be.

I don’t know what to do and if I should leave him for good am I strong enough?

Thanks please get back in touch.


Dear Jessica,

Bless you. What you are experiencing is completely natural. You feel as though you can’t live without him because he made sure you would feel this way. Living with an emotionally abusive person rewires your brain causing you fear, anxiety and pain.  When he leaves and you are apart, you ‘crave’ to have his attention and what you wanted to live as love almost like a powerful drug.  You experience a ‘calm’ when he texts or reaches out somehow and a relief feeling that maybe, just maybe, he will change or really love you. The problem is that the love you felt when you first met him was not real. He got your blueprint within minutes and built up his level of trust in you and made you feel as though the angels had swooped down and brought him there just for you. This feeling of care and the promises, were the drug but all lies.  He doesn’t know what love is. Love is kindness, actions of care, the ability to give of yourself to another human being entirely.  Love is spiritual. Your symptoms of feeling discarded is terrifying for you but you must decide that you cannot go on like this. The pain and suffering he is causing will become more powerful than the feeling of ‘loving him’. You love what he promised and with who you believed he pretended to be in the beginning. I would urge you to reach out for some counselling or speak with The National Domestic Violence Line. You have been suffering the effects of verbal and emotional, mental abuse and it will take a while to rewire your brain back to the time before you met him.

I will say a prayer for you but at this time, please know that he will not change and you must change. You need to take time out for this, research, understanding and help from other women. That is the first step to escaping this misery and heartache and destructive energy. Ask God, the Universe for aid in meditation, knowledge and self discovery and believe me, the light is far stronger than his darkness. Your son needs you to be Strong. He will feel and see your energy. Your son will learn to be a respectful man through you if you love yourself enough to leave.

Love, prayers and light,



Hi, I’m Fatima and I would like to have a reading regarding my career/studies. I have been working as a veterinary nurse in UK for the past 5 years but I do not hold a UK qualification so I had to apply to the Register for veterinary nurses.

Since my application I am very stressed and worried, I don’t sleep well at all. To make matters worse my former school in let me down so badly. I was asked to provide further evidence regarding the level of my qualification and I emailed my school, but they refused to answer the queries without plausible explanations. That really made me furious and I wrote a complaint but it did not help at all. I cannot count on my school’s support any longer.  I am filled with rage and disappointment because I feel betrayed and cheated.

I would like to know if they might accept my application to the Register or ask me to take the practical exams to assess me and then accept me to the Register.

It will mean the world to me if they accept my application.


Hello Fatima,

I feel next year for you is very much about your studies and moving forward with also personal issues too. I feel around January you will have contact either in the form of a letter or phone call.  This seems to be positive.  They do tell me you have been let down and it has not only affected your sleep but also eating and trust I also feel. A woman’s energy is very much to do with this and my guide makes me feel tight around my neck as though this woman is very controlling and demanding.

I feel they will test you first and then offer you opportunities.  I feel this way will only be a positive.  They give two years around training, this I’m sure will make sense to you.

You have moving energy all around you so this tells me things will soon be cleared up for you and you will notice from January you will become more settled and happy. They say try not to worry now as the angels are with you and behind the scenes they are building a path for your new future.

I also pick up connections with America and I believe you will travel at some point in the future for a year. I also feel horses are either a symbol or a meaning to you. Stay positive as things will go your way. Wait till January.

In the meantime you could ask the vets you are working for, for advice or assistance and also keep the pressure on the School in France.

I hope this has helped you and remember sometimes things have to go wrong or go onto a challenging path to allow lessons to come in. Without lessons we can’t build strength to handle future problems. You’re a lot stronger than you believe.

Love and light,



My name is John and I would like to have a reading in regards to my career. At the moment, I am at a privileged position where I have a decent job and I am good at what I do. However, since I was hired in June 2013, I still have that sense of unhappiness, stress. There are moments where I am happy but I have that rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis and I am never sure about what to do. I have looked at other places to work but not as active as others would like me to, as family and friends can see my hostility and discomfort.

I would just like a piece on mind that ‘everything is going to be okay’, or have any indication as to when my negative feelings will be relieved. I don’t particularly want to leave my current position, but that is because I have fears as if I move on, would I live to regret it? How will my boss react? In addition, I just want to say that I enjoyed my job, because I don’t have that satisfaction that I desire.

It would be great if someone could shed the light on the topic. My career (as well as my family) is what I feel is the most important thing to me and my future happiness.


Hello John,

I’m Sharie, thank you for your time and trust and I hope the following reading brings you the empowerment and peace that you need at this time. I combined my Shamanic skills and psychic abilities with the Tarot of the Northern Shadows a Celtic deck.

It’s obvious you’re asking questions about your job right now but as you say, while you’re experiencing some self-doubts and stress, you’re good at what you do and there are many positive aspects around you with your job. First of all, you need to keep your focus on these positive aspects rather than your more challenging feelings around your work. I feel you are in the right job for you right now and it really is a case of maintaining the right balance. What I pick up from your energy is that you are a very conscientious employee and want to do the best possible job. Don’t worry – I’d say that your boss is aware of this, but you need to beware of taking on too much in your desire to prove yourself. If you find yourself doing two people’s jobs instead of just yours – please don’t be afraid to say so! This isn’t a sign you are letting people down – on the contrary, it’s a sign of good management skills and wanting to maintain the quality of your work. You will actually gain your boss’s respect if you flag up certain issues – not the reverse.

I’m also picking up that you expect higher standards from yourself than even your boss expects from you – or you would expect from others if you were in charge – so please look at issues around this and see if this rings true for you. You may also have a little bit of what is known as ‘impostor syndrome’ going on – where although we know we are good at our jobs (which you mention) we start to wonder if in fact our performance so far is some kind of ‘fluke’ or ‘luck’ -and we’ll end up named and shamed as frauds sooner or later! If this sometimes plays a part for you, then understand that 1) it’s not true and not how you are seen by your boss or co-workers and 2) almost everybody experiences this at one time or another in their working lives!

Right now your inner voice is telling you that you are right where you are supposed to be in terms of your work and that is why you are unable to put any real enthusiasm into looking for a new job. I would therefore advise you not to at this time and to put your trust into the fact that you will know when it is time to move on and find a fresh work challenge. You have the skills and expertise necessary to succeed and all that is required of you at the moment is to look closely at the aspects of your job which are causing you doubt or to feel you are on an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ and to deal with these by either talking to your boss, HR or a manager about how you can manage certain aspects of your role more effectively, or else by looking at whether you are expecting too much of yourself. If you can do this, I am positive you will be in a much better position within the next 5/6 weeks.

Once you can do this and begin to see how your work and your inner wellbeing are linked, your confidence and energy is going to soar and you will be feeling much more motivated and in a position to enjoy not just your job, but family and friends. Ensure you are getting the right work/life balance because real success involves maintaining this. You can’t have one without the other and what is clear from your energy is that is one is out of balance it really will affect your wellbeing on many levels an ability to enjoy your life as well as your work.

The cards really do indicate that you can find a resolution to this issue just by making a few changes perhaps to your workload but also to your thinking around your own expectations of your ‘on-the-job’ performance. Again, although timing can be difficult, I really do feel this will be resolved quite quickly.

You have the ability to really progress as your career path unfolds so look at this as an opportunity to learn how to maintain your enthusiasm for your work and what you have to bring to your job, without risking getting burned out.

I see a great deal of positive change and future success coming in and hope this has helped you resolve this issue.

Love and light,


I am currently experiencing a really lovely time in my life in my personal life and am very grateful for it. I feel I am beginning to realise how the law of attraction works. However, I am about to leave on maternity soon and as my business is failing and I am looking at bankruptcy, but am taking this as a positive step in order to move forward in my life and make a fresh start where my finances are concerned. My worry is returning to work as I am hoping to have 9 months off (which will be welcomed with open arms as I have always been working!). I trained as a professional actress and have had some success along the way but nothing which meant I could sustain an acting career and leave my daytime job. Do you see anything on the horizon where my acting career is concerned or any opportunities I need to look out for?

Margarita says  

Firstly you have a lovely ‘summery’ energy and I feel that an optimistic attitude will always be your best resource for handling anything life throws at you.   Nurture your cheerful disposition as it is a strength for you. I feel very strongly that the changes that are happening in your life at the moment are not just down to chance.  Synchronicity is playing a large part of what will unfold over the next few months so keep your antennae tuned for chance meetings, signs or intuitions that will help you steer your course and open up opportunities. 

I see two tarot cards for you right now in my mind’s eye – The Fool and The Empress. The Fool in the positive sense is a card of new beginnings, venturing into the unknown with a sense of positivity and hope for the future.  At the same time, he asks that we keep our eyes wide open and watch our steps as we tread any new paths.   The Empress suggests that it’s a time of abundance and vitality, one where you have the potential to create the life you want by raising your vibration with the power of positive thinking.

I feel that this is an ideal time for you to be thinking about those dreams you placed on the back burner, and that includes those around acting.   Imagine for a moment that all of your dreams for success have come true and track your deepest thoughts and feelings.  Is every single part of you in alignment with the possibility?  Or is there a small part of you that throws up any kind of objection?  It might sound strange but it possible for us to find the prospect of success as scary as failure.  In particular, examine whether you truly feel that you deserve it and clear out any beliefs that could undermine all of your efforts and the opportunities that synchronicity is bringing your way.

I feel you need to keep your boots firmly on the ground for the new baby but also allow yourself to think BIG. It doesn’t serve you to play small, so play your part and shine. Keep a well balanced Virgo eye on your finances and consider a part time job to provide security so worry is not a problem while you start to follow your dreams again.

All in all, it’s important that you do the inner work to keep your vibration high and match that with your own efforts as I do feel that you are more likely to achieve the success you want with a long and sustained focus, rather than it arriving overnight.

When the other little star is born keep looking to the stars as you will have your hands full, so don’t forget to keep motivation high. Sometimes with major life events like bankruptcy and dreams that are still nagging at us even after many years, the universe is trying to re-point you down a different path, a path you should be on. And we both know that the spotlight is where you should be.

Love and light,

Margarita :)x

Margarita, ID 2183,  is a hereditary Celtic intuitive empath who also uses Tarot and Angel cards.